Pallet Town is a small town located north of Cinnabar Island and south of Viridian City. It is the home town of Red, Alice, Abe and Evan, as well as their rivals Blue, Green and Azure. It is also the home town of the esteemed Professor Oak, grandfather of the aforementioned rivals.

Notable landmarksEdit

Oak's LaboratoryEdit

Professor Oak's laboratory is the starting point of many young trainers' Pokémon journeys. Here the professor grants youths their first Pokémon. He offers a choice of the Grass-type Bulbasaur, the Water-type Squirtle or the Fire-type Charmander.


There are two residential houses in Pallet Town where the champions grew up. Daisy Oak, the sister of the champions Blue and Green and granddaughter of Professor Oak, still lives at home and gives out Town Maps to new trainers while the protagonist's mother heals her child's team when talked to.

Notable residentsEdit

The ChampionsEdit

In every generation to feature Pallet Town, the champions grew up here. They include:

  • Red
  • Alice
  • Abe
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Evan


The mother of Red, Alice and Abe. She heals their teams when they talk to her, and worries about Red and Alice while they train on Mount Silver.

Professor OakEdit

The esteemed professor lives and works in the town. He tasks the protagonists and their rivals with collecting data on all Pokémon and offers them their first Pokémon, as well as providing them with five basic pokéballs.

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