1 00RR0000
Nickname(s) "Oreo"
Pokémon Species Bidoof ♂
Level 3
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 0d 1h 27m
Lost 0d 5h 34m
Attacks Tackle

 1 00RR0000, or Oreo was a Bidoof caught by Napoleon in Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum. It was the second Pokemon caught and the first Pokemon released.


His nickname of Oreo is due to the phonetic similarity of the string of 0s and Rs in his name and the sandwich cookie.


  • Oreo held the record for being the fastest released Pokemon, at 0d 5h 34m. This broke the previous record, of FireRed's Zigzagoon at 0d 6h 1m, but was later broken by Red Anniversary's Meowth who was released after 15 minutes.

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