This is a page for creators of OC art, stories, games, etc. to post about their on-going TPP-related projects.  External links are allowed to projects only.  Please keep the description for your project to a reasonably lengthed paragraph.


TPP Gen 1 "Followers of Lord Dome Almighty" DeventArt PMD RP teamEdit

A DeviantArt user named Pfaccioxx has included a Spearow under the name of "He Who Was Abandoned" & Flareon under the name "The 1 True Prophet" as part of an open-sourced DeviantArt Pokemon RP group. The group is named the "PmdUnity Team", which anyone can use, and is based on the Disciples of Dome and their god "Lord Dome Almighty" who acts as an overseer NPC for the team. The team was later downgraded to open-sourced NPCs due to the rules of the group preventing the team from existing in an open-sourced manner. The team has then been ported over to a different deviantart pokemon RP group named pmd-e-of-beyond in its original open-sourced "anyone can use this team without asking" format.

For more info on this project or to find out how to use them, [Click Here]

TPP Gen 2 "Team God Slayers" DeviantArt PMD RP teamEdit

Similar to the Gen 1 team, Pfaccioxx has created an open-sourced NPC team based around the Gen 2 playthrough of TPP, this time featuring Ace the Raticate. This team works similarly to the Gen 1 team, with the following differences:

  • The Gen 2 team currently only has 1 official member in it
  • The Gen 2 team has nothing to do with the Dome Fossil
  • The Gen 2 team is with a different guild
  • Unlike The Gen 1 team this team is only associated with the Pmd-e-of-beyond RP group and has no connection to PMD-U
  • The Gen 2 team's backstory starts during the final confrontation with Lord Helix and his followers and can be seen as a continuation of that playthrough, as opposed to the Gen 1 team which is much more loosely connected to Gen 1.

For more info on this project or to find out how to use the team, [Click Here]

TPP Artist Collaboration for the largest TPP based paintingEdit

Currently on Reddit, artists from around the TPP community have banded together to create the largest TPP-based painting in existence, which will include every well-known character from Twitch Plays Pokemon.  Updates on the status of the project can be found here.

Stories (Novels, short, etc.)Edit


The Church of the Helix ChoirEdit

(See full article: Church of the Helix Choir) The Church of the Helix Choir is still producing music based off of Twitch Plays Pokemon.


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