Nickname(s) Onee-Chan, Sony
Pokémon Species Frillish
Level 11
Status Active
Acquired 14d 3h 54m (Hatched)
Attacks Ember, Geomancy, Sandstorm, Draco Meteor
Gender Male

OOOOONYYYYYY, more commonly known as Onee-Chan or Sony, is a male Frillish and the son of Ms. Pringles and Duskugbe and the older brother of AENNNN. His ability is Stench.

Name Edit

  • Onee-Chan is based off his name and the Japanese practice of honorifics being used to address seniors and juniors alike, as well as both genders. Onee-Chan is specifically used to refer one's older sister
  • Sony is a reference to the Japanese-based multination electronics and entertainment conglomerate responsible for products such as the Walkman and Playstation.
  • He and his brother are collectively referred to as the Super Jelly Bros (parody of Super Mario Bros) or the Onion Bros (due to the phonetics of both names sounding like Onion and their abilities originally being Stench).

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