Nickname(s) Nonon
Pokémon Species Tympole
Level 45
Status Active
Acquired 1d 10h 00m
Attacks Hydro Pump, Surf, Hyper Voice, Muddy Water

NONNQWMMSO, otherwise known as Nonon is a Tympole caught by Jimmy on at 1d 10h 00m in Pokemon Black. She is the first Tympole caught in Black. She is also the sole survivor of the active party on Murder Monday.

History/Lore Edit

Prior to Murder Monday, Nonon caught the Pokerus from her teammates.

On Murder Monday, Nonon was the only Pokemon that survived the onslaught besides J VOON the Purrloin in the PC. This can be attributed to the fact that she was last in the party when the PC was accessed.

Directly after Murder Monday, Jimmy bought several dozen Pokeballs and began catching Pokemon outside of the Daycare. During this time, Nonon's early-mid-game teammates Bird Moses and F-30 were caught and soon Princess Lilly the Petilil was traded for one of Jimmy's Cottonnee.

But soon, Fatal Friday was upon the Hivemind. Though Nonon could easily have been deposited or released like all of her teammates, she wasn't. Bird Moses and F-30 were now in the PC, likely for good, and Princess Lilly and Lord Cover, both fan favorites, were released.

It was later found that a Joltik that Jimmy had caught and placed in his party caught the Pokerus from Nonon.

At 9d 1h 26m, Nonon was the last Pokemon left alive against Drayden, the last Gym leader in TPP Black. Nonon needed to beat Drayden's Haxorus to win. The Hivemind assumed that it was 'not teh urn', but thanks to both AI decisions, Nonon's Hyper Voice attack, and a Leech Seed planted by Fives earlier in the battle, she pulled out a win at full health. Nonon was proclaimed a Dragonslayer by the chat, much like TPP Red's All Terrain Venomoth, who defeated Lance's Level 62 Dragonite at Level 36.

Nonon can be considered the "signature" Pokemon of Twitch Plays Pokemon Black because she survived two PC massacres and the general hardship of the stream from almost the very beginning of the run.

Name Edit

The name Nonon is a reference to the character Nonon Jakuzure from the anime Kill La Kill and comes from the first few letters in her given name, "NONN".

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