!0999 qq
Character Data
Age Teenager
Gender Female
Season Gen 3 Season 2
Alignment Pirates/Agents
In-Game statistics
Title Trainer, Two-Time Hoenn Champion
Status Alive

!!!0999 qq, otherwise known as QQ, Kyukyu, Agent 999, Nina Q., or Leslie O. Quinn, is the female protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon Randomized AlphaSapphire. Her starter was R-Ceus the Torchic. Her trainer ID is 38769.


She appears to be rather timid, being alarmed easily and having a reminder of the emergency telephone number in her name. She also appears to be a kleptomaniac as she keeps throwing Pokéballs at other trainers' Pokémon.

Early lore depicts her as a secret agent due to the numbers of her name being similar to the code naming format of the James Bond films.

She has also appeared in several other roles, including DJ, due to the double Q in her name being phonetically similar to the kyu, the stage name of a Japanese DJ, and pirate, due to her habit of collecting bird-type Pokémon and Arrr's piratical links, as well as her kleptomaniac habits of trying to steal owned Pokémon.

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