9'l, or more commonly known as Nigel is the protagonist of Pokémon Sun.

History Edit

Prior to becoming the host to the voices, Nigel had just moved from Kanto to Alola with his mother. When he began to choose a starter, the voices told him to choose Popplio which had been nicknamed Yugi (Yugi eventually got put into the PC early in the game).


Nigel appears to have an escapist personality, often running away to Didney Worl (Festival Plaza) at critical points in the plot, such as during his attempts against the newly formed Elite Four. He also has a record of attempting to catch a lot of Pokémon to the point of kleptomania, attempting to steal the Pokémon of other trainers who defeat him, largely because he wastes time trying to steal their Pokémon.

Trivia Edit

  • It could be speculated that Nigel is a fan of demonic and cultist activities as hinted by the fact he named a handful of his Pokemon with "666" and "KKK".

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