Shiny Umbreon
Nickname(s) Tron Doge
Pokémon Species Umbreon
Level 100
Status Traded Away
Acquired 6d 11h 26m
Lost 7d 17h 37m
Attacks Moonlight, Curse, Payback, Toxic

Neon is a Shiny Umbreon who accompanied Li'l d during his post Elite 4 adventures.

He was traded to Lil' d by Dani G. at 6d 11h 26m. He was later traded away to GameBro in exchange for a Vaporeon.


During the intermission between Randomized Alpha Sapphire and Colosseum, fan art of Neon started appearing in large quantities in what was later called "Operation Neon Everywhere".[1] This also included a virus known as Naeon.exe that changed the victim's desktop wallpaper to sprites of Neon.[2]


  • Tron Doge is a reference to the film franchise Tron, where computer programs make use of bands of color, similar to the markings on Neon's fur. The color blue is also associated with the protagonists of the series. Doge is an internet meme and slang term for dog, usually a shiba inis, which gained popularity in the early half of the 2010s[3].




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