Nickname(s) Beta Bidoof, 2nd Bidoof, Nappaw, Litle Bidoof
Pokémon Species Bidoof ♀
Level 31
Status Released
Acquired 2d 3h 23m
Lost 8d 14h 35m
Attacks Take Down, Super Fang, Yawn, Amnesia

NppmwB9◊Im is a Bidoof that Napoleon caught in a Pokeball.

She has a Bold nature, and is "Proud of its power ". Her ability is Unaware. She was released at 8d 14h 35m.


A Bidoof captured during an attempt to fill the party before facing Galactic Commander Jupiter. She became the party's sole Bidoof after depositing the original Bidoof in the PC to get Togepi's egg. Nappaw turned into a major focal point for trolls trying to stop the stream, as only a Bibarel could learn surf. Eventually, she was released by the trolls, only to be replaced by a fully-evolved Bibarel less than an hour later.


She gained the nickname Nappaw after the nickname of "Beta Bidoof" became outdated due to depositing the "Alpha Bidoof."


"We... we just wanted to deposit Bidoof. She was so good to us... always so loyal. When she couldn't evolve for us, she went to the Daycare happily, and then came back happily, wearing that stupid grin on her face all the while. When we asked her to go to the PC, she never once complained. She was just there for us, loyally, the way she always had been....And then we killed her. RIP Doof, you will be missed."


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