Character Data
Age Depicted as an adolescent
Gender Male
Season Gen 4
Alignment Unknown
In-Game statistics
00 00 06
0"☀ ☀0☀☺ ☹
Title Trainer
Status Alive

-Napoleon, when Professor Rowan asked him if he likes Pokémon

Nqpppnl (known colloquially as Napoleon, or Nipple) is the protagonist of Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum. The male character was selected after spam sent the chat back to the gender-select menu several times. He is the brother of Pepe, the host for Run 18 (Randomized Platinum).


The  lore paints Napoleon as an uptight and unfeeling guy who doesn't like Pokémon very much. At the beginning of his adventure, Napoleon was asked if he liked Pokémon. His response was a curt "No."

Over the course of his journey he warmed up considerably to his Pokémon and other people in general but continues to be very stoic and serious. Unlike Red, Napoleon's personality extends past being serious, he is very irritable and aggressive particularly towards physical contact or noise. For this reason he probably can't stand Jimmy.

He is also depicted as a gambler and having a "game problem", derived from his prolonged stay at casinos.


  • His Starter Pokémon was a female Chimchar, who was given no nickname. Chimchar was released soon afterwards, following the previous trends of releasing fire starters (Abby and Zexy). This was interpreted as a Staraptor killer here.
  • Supported by several polls and contests, Napoleon is considered the favorite protagonist, mainly due to his large character development.
  • Napoleon was one of the Bet-boy suspects behind the Vietnamese Crystal Game Crash, due to his gambling habit and his own game crash.
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