On day 2 of Twitch Plays Pokémon Black, five pokémon were released within 2 hours. This left the party in shambles and caused many viewers to believe that "trolls" had truly won.


From the very start of TPP Black, some members of the community were calling for the release of starter Pokémon Commander Bacon, starting the infamous Pig Wars, a conflict within the community very similar to The Gator Wars of Generation 2.  Tepig survived the first full day of the stream, and upon reaching level 17 it became possible for him to evolve upon level up.

The first two gyms of the play-through were defeated, and early on in Day 2 of Black confidence began to grow in the growing team with Tepig as the second highest level member.  However, at XXh XXm, the stream decided to access the PC for some party rearrangement.

Almost immediately massive amounts of coordinates began to be spammed into the stream.  It became obvious very quickly that the coordinates would access the release function within the touch-screen menu.  Most of the community watched on in horror, unable to input any commands to prevent the high spamming of release coordinates from being successful.  It is unclear at this time if the coordinates were a coordinated troll attack, bots, or a mix of the two, but the amount of inputs aimed at releasing 'Mon outweighed any other commands that could be entered during that time.

As player's watched on helplessly, all but one member of the active team was released (the game prevents releasing all healthy Pokemon), including starter Commander Bacon the Tepig, perpetuating the long-believed in Fire Curse, thought broken by Solareon in Generation 4.


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