Jellicent Female
Nickname(s) Peeko, Jelly, Ms. Pringles
Pokémon Species Jellicent
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 2d 7h 15m
Attacks Shadow Ball, Dive, Mud Shot, Toxic
Gender Female

Wingull9xx88 is a female Jellicent that was caught by Nina Q. Her ability is Aroma Veil.

Lore Edit

She is often paired up with the other Jellicent Nina obtained, Duskugbe. She appears to act as the mother of the group, having adopted Swinu.

Following her second Hall of Fame entry, she and Duskugbe settled down at the Battle Resort, retiring from battling to have two sons, Onee-Chan and AENNNN.

Name Edit

  • Peeko comes from the obligatory practice of calling every Wingull that is encountered Peeko, after the Wingull of the same name owned by Mr. Briney of Petalburg City, Hoenn. After evolving, the nickname was used less often.
  • Jelly is a simple shortening of Jellicent's name.
  • Ms. Pringles is due to her gender and her similarity to that of the Pringles mascot, Julius Pringles, as well as her association with the other Jellicent in the team, Mr. Pringles.


  • Prior to her evolution, Wingull9xx88 was a Wingull.
  • She was the third of Nina's Pokémon to reach level 100, an hour after her partner Duskugbe.

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