Nickname(s) Moonbat
Pokémon Species Golbat
Level 54
Status Active
Acquired 2d 3h 29m
Attacks Leech Life, Air Cutter, Confuse Ray, Air Slash
Item Air Mail

GOLBAT, also known as Moonbat, is a Pokemon that Napoleon caught in a Pokeball. Along with Sparkles, he is the only other Pokemon on Napoleon's team that has not fully evolved.

He has a Docile nature, and is "somewhat vain". He has Inner Focus as an ability. He was last seen holding an Air Mail.


Tppp moonbat 4920

Moonbat's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Moonbat was captured on Day 3 as a Zubat, while the Chat was trying to fill the party. He was one of three Pokemon to join the party as a result of this, along with Nappaw and Steve (then a Bronzor). Despite being seen by some as a common pest and waste of a party slot, others saw potential for the Zubat if he could fully evolve and be given the right attacks. He earned his keep after not being deposited into the PC in order to get Togepi. He later gained a permanent slot by being given mail during the Troll Wars.

Efforts to evolve the then-Golbat and improve his moveset to Smogon-quality were met with frequent setbacks. Lost TMs, overwritten moves, and B-spamming Trolls all impeded Moonbat's development. Eventually he was considered on the bubble as a potential deposit should an emergency arise.

An emergency never came, and the attempts to level Moonbat continued even into the Elite 4. Although he had some success against Aaron, he rarely survived the fight. However, Moonbat still made it into the Hall of Fame, but regrettably never reached his full potential.


Golbat acquired the nickname of Moonbat, which gives him the distinction of being the only party member to use the Moon as a motif, while the rest use the sun.


He is depicted as a somehow sarcastic Pokémon, usually hanging around with Steve as comic relief duo. Because Moonbat is a nocturnal Pokémon, art sometimes depict him as a lazy 'mon during day, and he appears to have an addiction to coffee.


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