Misty is the leader of Cerulean City gym in Gen 1 (Pokemon Red), Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal), Generation 3.5 (Randomized FireRed), Gen 4.5 (Randomized HeartGold) and Anniversary Red.


Original RedEdit

Versus Misty MistyRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
18 Staryu StaryuRBY Water Tackle, Water Gun
21 Starmie StarmieRBY Water/Psychic Tackle, Water Gun, Harden, Bubblebeam


Versus Misty MistyGSC
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
42 Golduck GolduckGSC Water/Psychic Surf, Disable, Psych Up, Psychic
42 Quagsire QuagsireGSC2 Water/Ground Surf, Amnesia, Earthquake, Rain Dance
44 Lapras LaprasGSC Water/Ice Surf, Perish Song, Rain Dance, Blizzard
47 Starmie StarmieGSC Water/Psychic Surf, Confuse Ray, Recover, Ice Beam

Randomized Fire RedEdit

Versus Misty MistyFRLG
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
18 Nidorina NidorinaFRLG Poison Poison Fang
21 Nidoqueen NidoqueenFRLG Poison/Ground Acid Armor, Bone Club

Randomized Heart GoldEdit

Versus Misty MistyHGSS
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
49 Flareon FlareonHGSS Fire ???†
49 Monferno Monferno Fire/Fighting ???†
52 Entei EnteiHGSS Fire ???†
54 Infernape InfernapeHGSS Fire/Fighting ???†

Anniversary RedEdit

Versus Misty MistyRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
29 Lapras LaprasRBY Water/Ice Surf
31 Starmie StarmieRBY Water/Psychic Water Gun, Harden, Tackle


Versus Misty MistyRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
100 Lapras LaprasRBY Water/Ice TBA
100 Seaking SeakingRBY Water TBA
100 Kingler KinglerRBY Water TBA
100 Seadra SeadraRBY Water TBA
100 Blastoise BlastoiseRBY Water TBA
100 Starmie StarmieRBY Water/Psychic TBA

† If anyone has the move data for these Pokèmon, your help would be appreciated.


Misty was mentally scarred by the randomization that occurred in FireRed and became a Poison-type gym leader in an attempt to poison the city's water supply. She was taken into therapy and returned years later and resumed her role as gym leader.


  • During the initial runthrough, some viewers who had recently joined the chat and saw that Red was in Cerulean City were unaware that Misty had already been defeated and started saying "We need to beat Misty!" This subsequently became a meme, and later mutated into various other sayings, such as "We need to milk Whitney!" or "We need to beat [gym leader of current city]!"

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