Nickname(s) Miller
Pokémon Species Gardevoir
Level 36
Status Active
Acquired 0d 1h 55m
Attacks Future Sight, Hypnosis, Confusion, Signal Beam
Item Dawn Stone
Gender Male

lMmMMLLIR, or Miller, is a Gardevoir and was the second Pokemon to be caught by Cyan during Run 19 (Pokemon Prism).

There was a vote in the Twitch chat about keeping Miller and using him through the whole game or discarding Miller later in the game. The decision was to keep Miller through the whole game since keeping Miller was the most voted choice.

He evolved into Kirlia at level 20 at 2d 11h 50m, and Gardevoir at 3d 22h ??m.

There was also a vote on if Miller should evolve into Gallade or Gardevoir. While Gallade side was initially favored due to dual STAB, an update added in Oxilas City which added the Fairy typing, making the entire Ralts line dual type, the vote was split between both evolutions. Miller evolved into Gardevoir.


He is often depicted as an alcoholic.


  • Miller comes from his ingame nickname, which could be interpreted as the Ralts introducing himself as "I'm Miller".


  • His alcoholism is a reference to the beer brand Miller.

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