Nickname(s) "Mega Henry", "Charger"
Pokémon Species Zebstrika
Level 75
Status Active (Hall of Fame)
Acquired 5d 8h 0m
Attacks Wild Charge, Flame Charge, Discharge, Spark
Item Great Ball

aMH, also known as Mega Henry, was a Zebstrika caught by Jimmy in Gen 5 (Pokemon Black). He was last seen holding a Great Ball.

He has a Relaxed nature, and is "strong willed". He has Lightningrod as an ability.


aMH was on the active party from his capture until the completion of the Black playthrough, and became a fan favorite due to his ability to come through in clutch situations with his multiple "charge" attacks.


He was nicknamed aMH in-game.

Due to having multiple attacks with "charge" in the title, he was given the name 'Mega Henry', based off the unit of measurement used for inductors.

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