Mauville City
Mauville City is a major city in the Hoenn region. It was formed by a company that also developed a cruise liner and another underground city, but only Mauville City still stands. Initially just a small city noted for its gambling and bikes in Generation 3, it was renovated and became the largest city in Hoenn, boasting several apartments, shops and restaurants in Generation 6.5. It lies east of Verdanturf Town, north of Slateport City, and south east of Lavaridge Town.

Notable locationsEdit

Game CornerEdit

The Game Corner is the center of gambling in Hoenn. It has two games, a roulette wheel and a slots game. It only exists in generation 3, as it was shut down in generation 6.5 ingame due to financial concerns. It was removed from the game due to violating real world laws with regards to gambling and minors.

Rydel's CyclesEdit

Rydel's Cycles is the bike shop of the Hoenn region, run by Rydel. He offers the protagonist a free bike after finding out how far they traveled. He offers either the Acro bike or the Mach bike and will swap them for free. After receiving a boost in sales due to advertising in generation 6.5, he will give away both bikes.

Food CourtEdit

The food court is a restaurant built into the refurbished Mauville City. Competition for seats inside are fierce, and battles frequently break out over the right to a seat. There are three dishes served and three seating areas, each one tougher than the last.

Mauville HillsEdit

Mauville Hills is a housing complex comprising of apartments. Some apartments can be entered while others cannot. The wealthy and well off of Mauville's citizens live here, including the gym leader Wattson, the Old Guys who give out O-Powers, and Mr Bonding.

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