Nickname(s) "Master Goldeen", "The Chosen One"
Pokémon Species Goldeen
Level 22
Status Active
Acquired 7d 2h 53m
Attacks Peck, Tail Whip, Supersonic, Horn Attack

IAAAJS, also known as Master Goldeen, is a Goldeen that AJ caught in Tohjo Falls with the Master Ball. Despite not being used in battle, he became famous because a Master Ball was used to catch him.



Goldeen's nickname came from the fact that the Master Ball was used to catch him.



  • His nickname of Master Goldeen has been referenced in later generations when Pokémon are captured in a Master Ball, with Master Geodude during Platinum, Mistress Vullaby in Black, Mistress Tranquill in Black 2, Master Azelf in Omega Ruby, Mistress Absol in Colosseum and Mistress Poliwrath in XD.

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