Lt. Surge is the leader of Vermilion City gym in Gen 1 (Pokemon Red), Gen 2 (Pokemon Crystal), Generation 3.5 (Randomized FireRed), Gen 4.5 (Randomized HeartGold) and Anniversary Red.


Original RedEdit

Versus Lt. Surge LtSurgeRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
21 Voltorb VoltorbRBY Electric Tackle, Screech, SonicBoom
18 Pikachu PikachuRBY Electric Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Growl, Quick Attack
24 Raichu RaichuRBY Electric Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Growl


Versus Lt. Surge LtSurgeGSC
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
44 Raichu RaichuGSC Electric Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunderwave, Quick Attack
40 Electrode (x2) ElectrodeGSC Electric Screech, Double Team, Swift, Explosion
40 Magneton MagnetonGSC Electric/Steel Zap Cannon, Lock On, Double Team, Swift
46 Electabuzz ElectabuzzGSC Electric Thunder Punch, Thunder, Light Screen, Quick Attack

Randomized Fire RedEdit

Versus Lt. Surge LtSurgeFRLG
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
21 Vibrava VibravaFRLG Ground/Dragon ???†
18 Cubone CuboneFRLG Ground ???†
24 Whiscash WhiscashFRLG Ground/Water ???†

Randomized Heart GoldEdit

Versus Lt. Surge LtSurgeHGSS
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
51 Scyther ScytherHGSS Bug/Flying ???†
47 Scizor ScizorHGSS Bug/Steel ???†
47 Pinsir (x2) PinsirHGSS Bug ???†
53 Ninjask NinjaskHGSS Bug/Flying ???†

Anniversary RedEdit

Versus Lt. Surge LtSurgeRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
40 Electrode ElectrodeRBY Electric ???†
40 Electabuzz ElectabuzzRBY Electric ???†
42 Raichu RaichuRBY Electric ???†


Versus Lt. Surge LtSurgeRBY
Level Pokemon Name Type Moves
100 Pikachu PikachuRBY Electric ???†
100 Electrode ElectrodeRBY Electric ???†
100 Magneton MagnetonRBY Electric/Steel ???†
100 Electabuzz ElectabuzzRBY Electric ???†
100 Jolteon JolteonRBY Electric ???†
100 Raichu RaichuRBY Electric ???†


This will be finished in my free time. ~Randomphoenix03

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