The Lost Days is the term used to identify the early part of the Gen 1 (Pokemon Red) playthrough, when the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream was not archived. Footage only exists from roughly 35 hours in.


Though the rest of the playthrough was archived and can be watched in its entirety, the first day and eleven hours of the TPP Red were never recorded. It is currently unknown when Bird Jesus was captured, when Abby evolved into a Charmeleon, or the precise times when the Moon Stone and Helix Fossil were obtained.

There exists however a small number of screen shots, gifs and short videos from the Lost Days. There are also some early 4chan threads about TPP, the first of which begins while Red was in Brock's Gym. There is no existing media or old forum threads about events before this, such as in Pallet Town or Viridian City. The first documented chat logs of TPP began at 01d 07h 48m. Save state files released by the Streamer do not start until after the Lost Days.

Possible Timeline and Media Downloads Edit

By compiling the data of all known Lost Days media and 4chan threads, Reddit user jimmyg_123 created a timeline of events in the Lost Days in February 2016, with help from previous timeline creator davidjl123. The Reddit post can be found here.

A link to the timeline, containing all of the evidence used to make it, can be downloaded here. The Generation 1 Timeline currently uses this timeline for the Lost Days section.

Finally, here is another download link which contains all of the screen shots, gifs, videos and forum threads known to exist from the Lost Days (as of February 2016).

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