TPP LoreEdit

The following is a lore interpretation of the events of Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal. It is by no means an "official canon", nor is it the only interpretation.

Near the end of Twitch Plays Pokemon: Crystal, AJ had fought and lost to Red a few times before Red brought out Lord Helix to battle. LazorGator defeated Lord Helix, however lost later in battle. After the loss, Lord Helix decreed "No More" and set the world to end in 7 days and sent Johto into complete chaos and Anarchy.  If AJ couldn't defeat Red in time, Johto is lost and the Wrath of Helix reigns. 

In Game/StreamEdit

After the hivemind lost to Red several times, the admin of Twitch Plays Pokemon instituted a challenge to the hivemind. Defeat Red within 7 days.  Whether or not this task was completed, Twitch Plays Pokemon: Emerald would start after 7 days; however, this was later countered by a declaration by the host - "if Red isn't defeated, there will be no Emerald".  To increase the challenge, the admin completely disabled democracy (though he did state there is a secret command that enables it, which remained undiscovered. Many assumptions were made, including calling Joey).