The following pages contain 'lore', interpretations of certain in-stream events by the community. While certain interpretations are considered universal and important enough to have a place in an article proper, these are either unimportant, controversial, selective, et cetera. As such, they should be taken with a grain of salt.

These pages are not included under the maintenance and review that we attempt to ensure most pages of the TPPedia Wiki have; as such, these pages are solely the responsibility of those who feel like contributing to them and thus are not the responsibility of the Wiki. Despite the preceding warnings, we do allow these interpretations as subpages because we would like to cover as much of the community lore as possible. This has been debated and we believe that a subpage system would be the best solution.

Users are free to contribute as they wish; however, TPPedia Wiki is not a forum nor a showcase for art and writing. Those who edit here are expected to contribute to Wiki at least as much or more as they do here. Keep that in mind.

The pages that can be found here are as follows:

Unofficial lore interpretationsEdit

  • Totodilyn, a Totodile from a intermission playthrough between FireRed and Platinum of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, was considered by most to be the son of Lazorgator.

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