6 ♦'j B
Nickname(s) "Lord Skull"
Pokémon Species Rampardos
Level 71
Status Active
Acquired 7d 6h 52m
Attacks Double Hit, Magnitude, Waterfall, Surf

6 ♦'j B, also known as Lord Skull, is a Rampardos that Aoooo caught as a Cranidos with a Master Ball. He spent much of the midgame in Generation 4.5 in the Daycare, but was retrieved later. He is one of Aoooo's Pokemon in the Hall of Fame.

He has a Rash nature, and is "highly curious". He has Flame Body as his ability.


Lord Skull entered the Hall of Fame after defeating the Elite Four and stayed on the team to encounter Alice on Mt. Silver several times. He was even a part of the second Elite Four run, all while remaining as a Cranidos. Finally, after another defeat from Alice on the summit of Mt. Silver, he evolved into a Rampardos after reaching level 60, making him one of the latest evolving Pokemon in TPP history.


His name, Lord Skull, comes from the fossil that Cranidos are usually revived from.


Being highly curious, Lord Skull is a philosophical Pokemon, and often wondered about different happenstances, such as why he was selected to be captured by the Master Ball.


  • As a Cranidos, Lord Skull originally had Hydration as an ability.

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