Lord Sail
Nickname(s) Lord Sail
Pokémon Species Aurorus
Status Traded Away
Acquired 6d 23h 20m
Lost 7d 0h 2m
Gender Male

Lord Sail is an Aurorus who Li'l d managed to acquire during his post-game adventure through Kalos.

He was traded to D by an unknown trainer at 6d 23h 20m, in exchange for D's Shiny Thundurus. He was later traded away to Keawan at 7d 0h 2m in exchange for Keawan's Shiny Rayquaza.


According to the Pantheon, Lord Sail is the God of Exchanges, Peace, and Passiveness.


Like many Fossil Pokémon before him, Lord Sail gained deity status and the title Lord followed by the name of the fossil he was revived from, in this case the Sail Fossil.




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