Nickname(s) "Cover", "Lord Cover"
Pokémon Species Tirtouga
Level 36
Status Lost (Released)
Acquired 3d 6h 18m
Lost 5d 6h 38m
Attacks Aqua Jet, Ancient Power, Crunch, Smack Down

Tirtouga, otherwise known as Lord Cover, is a male Tirtouga revived from the Cover Fossil that Jimmy received in the Desert Resort. Tirtouga was revived at 3d 6h 18m in the Nacrene City Museum.


The names Cover and Lord Cover come from the Cover Fossil, which Tirtouga is revived from. This follows the pattern established by predecessors such as the original Lord Helix in TPP Red and Randomized HeartGold's Lard Helix, Lord Skull, and Lord Armor.

Personality (Lore)Edit


  • Tirtouga became the first Fossil Pokémon to be released by the Hivemind.
  • Tirtouga was released 2 days and 20 minutes after it was revived.

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