Nickname(s) Lloyd
Pokémon Species Beldum
Level 11
Status Active
Acquired 0d 1h 38m
Attacks Take Down

Beldum, otherwise known as Lloyd, is a Shiny Beldum that was traded by his previous trainer Lloyd to Li'l d.

He has an Adamant nature, and has Clear Body as an ability. He is in a net ball.


At the start of X, Lloyd was a viewer who was able to trade with D. While D was in the Santalune Forest, D managed to trade over his recently caught pansage for the shiny beldum. He was deposited in the PC along with Quiladin and Lady Helix.


Beldum was traded over without an in-game nickname, and it has yet to receive one. The chat has named it Lloyd in honor of the devoted fan who gave it to us.



  • Lloyd was the first pokemon received in a trade with an actual player, rather than an NPC, in TPP's history.

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