Nickname(s) Korral, Legend of Korral, Godsola
Level 43
Status Active
Acquired 1d 2h 31m
Attacks Rock Smash, Aqua Jet, Zen Headbutt, Curse
Item Mawilite
Gender Female

Eéééééé is a female Corsola owned by Nina Q. After the releases of 'Murica, Armin, !yhyytrgssxx and shroomish and the depositing of R-Ceus and eehh 5prrr in the Daycare, she was caught and formed a crucial role in the new team, including sweeping Norman alone. She has a Relaxed Nature and her ability is Scrappy.

Name Edit

Korral and Legend of Korral is a combination of her Pokemon species and the critically-acclaimed Nickelodeon TV series, Legend of Korra.

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