Nickname(s) Leervitar, I See!
Pokémon Species Tyranitar
Level 45
Status Active
Acquired 0d 0h 8m
Attacks Body Slam, Bite, Rock Smash, Dust Devil
Item Soft sand
Gender Female

Leervitar is the starter Pokémon of Cyan in Run 19 (Pokemon Prism).


Leervitar was found holding her Pokéball by Cyan after she got lost in a set of caves. Cyan took the Larvitar along, not giving her a nickname, and together they made their way out of the cave, with Leervitar acting on her own at one point.

At 1d 0h 56m, she evolved at level 20 to Pupitar. At 2d 22h 48m she was given the nickname I!C.


  • Leervitar and Lazor/Lazertar come from her frequent use of the move Leer, and serves as a callback to Lazorgator, another starter 'mon fond of Leering.
  • I See! comes from the phonetic pronunciation of her ingame nickname.


  • Despite being the first Pokémon obtained, she was the last one to reach her final stage evolution.

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