Note- While much lore from the time of Generation 1 presents the Leech King as male, because of the Leech King being assigned the female gender when transferred to Generation 2, where genders were first introduced, the Leech King is referred to as a female in this article.

Nickname(s) Leech King, Pararekt, Paras Hilton
Pokémon Species Parasect
Level 100
Status Released
Acquired 2d 21h 19m
Lost 30d 9h 37m 48s
Attacks Cut, Spore, Slash, Leech Life
Gender None, portrayed as male (generation 1), ♀ (generation 2)

Leech King
The Leech King, nicknamed -? in game, was a Hall-of-Fame Parasect in Anniversary Red who reached level 100 before being released in an attempt to change boxes during the post-game Pokédex completion objective.

It was revealed that this Pokémon would be female when exported to a Generation 2 game, but due to Pokémon having no specified gender in Generation 1, this has had no effect on the portrayal of the Leech King as a male character.


The Leech King rose to prominence after becoming the strongest member of Abe's team upon her evolution due to the stats buff Parasect receives in the Pokédex-completion ROM hack on which Anniversary Red was played. She was portrayed as a powerful leader after her much-needed power instigated renewed progress through the game after several uses of the PC had left Abe's party too weak to make significant progress.

She is depicted as being a zombified Pokémon who houses the spirits of many Diglett.

She is thought to be one of the few Pokémon to have survived being released by the PC and is now waiting for Abe to come and retrieve her from Diglett Tunnel.

A couple of Parasects caught in the post-Hall of Fame stage of the run were given similar royal titles of Leech Prince and Leech Queen.


The name Leech King is derived from the use of her signature move Leech Life paired with a play on the name Lich King, an undead monster from World of Warcraft. The connection to the Lich King was made due to several shared similarities between the two characters, primarily their undead nature and status as powerful leaders.

The secondary nickname Pararekt is a play on the species name Parasect and the term rekt, shorthand for the term wrecked, which can mean to completely destroy, a reference to her powerful battling abilities.

Her nickname as a Paras, Paras Hilton, is a reference to socialite Paris Hilton.

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