Lavender Town is a town on the eastern side of the Kanto region. It is east of Saffron City and south of Rock Tunnel.

Notable locationsEdit

Pokémon TowerEdit

Main article: Pokemon Tower

Pokémon Tower is a graveyard tower for deceased Pokémon. It is inhabited by the Ghost-type Pokémon Gastly, Haunter and Ghosts, which cannot be fought, as well as orphaned Cubones. In order to get past the Ghosts, the Silph Scope is required. Several channelers were possessed by these ghosts and forced into fighting battles, and were subsequently released from possession once they were defeated.

The final Ghost guarding the top floor is revealed to be a Marowak mother who died protecting her Cubone offspring from Team Rocket. Once she is pacified, the top floor can be accessed and three Team Rocket grunts can be faced and defeated to rescue Mr Fuji, who had volunteered to go with them to prevent more Pokémon from being hurt.

Kanto Radio TowerEdit

Two years later, the Pokémon Tower was repurposed from a graveyard to a radio tower, with the graveyard being moved to the southern corner of the town. Security at the Radio Tower is tight due to Team Rocket seizing the Goldenrod Radio Tower and only the first floor is open to the public.

Notable residentsEdit

Mr FujiEdit

Mr Fuji is the leader of the Lavender Town Volunteer House and helps to care for abandoned and orphaned Pokémon, including the freshly orphaned Cubone. In order to protect the Pokémon from Team Rocket, he entered the Pokémon Tower with them voluntarily and upon being rescued bestowed the Pokéflute to his rescuer.

Name RaterEdit

The Name Rater is a man who can rate Pokémon nicknames and rename them if they are still with the trainer that initially captured them.

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