Nickname(s) “Karl Marc”
Pokémon Species Mew
Level 57
Status Active
Acquired 9d 8h 15m
Attacks Surf, Body Slam, Rollout, Follow Me
Item Shoal shell
Gender Genderless (taken to be male by the Mob)

MARC is a Mew that Alice traded for a Nidoran♂ during Generation 3.5.

He has a Relaxed nature, and Magnet Pull as an ability. He was last seen holding a Shoal Shell.


TPP KarlMarcs

Marc's Sprite designed by Sorceress_Feraly.

Marc was one of the legendaries spoiled on Reddit during the Randomized FireRed run. It was revealed that a trainer on Route 18 would trade a Nidoran♂ for a Mew, and later was confirmed by the Mob. This discovery immediately set off a long quest to obtain and level Marc. Initially this quest sent the Mob to Cerulean with the goal of capturing a level 12 Nidoran♂, then to the PC to deposit Quagsire, and finally back to Route 18 to make the trade.

After obtaining Marc, the Mob spent in excess of 12 hours grinding him and their recently-obtained Swablu in the Pokémon Tower.


  • On account of his randomized ability being Magnet Pull, another popular nickname for him was "Marcneto" (or variations thereof, such as Mewgneto), references to the Marvel comic book character Magneto.
  • Due to his name of Marc and the Communistic theme of Randomized FireRed, he is often associated with Communist thinker Karl Marx.



  • Marc is the second legendary Pokémon that The Mob has owned, with AA-j being the first.
  • The theme of random gift/trade Pokémon being legendaries was continued in Generation 4.5 by Kenya, who was gifted to aoooo and turned out to be a Groudon.

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