The Kakuna Wars was a major conflict during the Annversary Red playthrough that took place in central Kanto, mainly in Vermilion City and Cerulean City.


Kakuna Matata, a fan favorite and second Pokémon captured, was deposited in the PC on the fourth day. The chat decided to try and withdraw Kakuna, resulting in one of the worst PC Shuffles in the history of TPP, with 17 Pokémon being released in just under 24 hours. Many fan favorites were among the victims of the shuffle, such as the starter Growleerzard, Poliswag, six of the Digletts recently captured, Baba and ironically Kakuna Matata itself. This only left Shaquille O'nix and three Digletts left in the party.


Despite their negligible usage in battle, both Kakuna Matata and Baba were popular among the chat, Kakuna Matata for its inability to evolve and Baba for its famous role in the battle against Misty. This started the meme "Wait4Baba", and also contributed to the lore of the Vietnamese Crystal intermission run.

Growleerzard, the strongest Pokémon at the time, was seen as a huge blow to the run, and it was felt that the current obstacle of defeating Blue on the S.S. Anne would now be impossible. This paved the way for other Pokémon, most notably the Leech King.

Comparison to other ShufflesEdit

On that day 5 more Pokémon were released than Bloody Sunday and it lasted barely longer than The Gator Wars.

List of Lost PokémonEdit


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