Pokémon Species Togepi
Level 48
Status Active (PC)
Acquired 3d 7h 33m
Attacks Safeguard, Ancient Power, Baton Pass, Double Edge

KK♀ROOOY' is a Togepi that Napoleon received from Cynthia during Twitch Plays Pokemon Platinum.

She has a Serious nature, and Hustle as an ability. She is currently holding a Big Pearl.

She caught Pokerus and is still contagious in the PC.



The most common nickname for Togepi is KK Roy, though Princess Omelette is occasionally used as well in reference to TPP Crystal's Togepi.


Despite not contributing much to the party, Roy has become somewhat of a fan favorite among certain groups. She is often shown in the Daycare or preschool in fan works.


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