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Nickname(s) "Juju", "Goddish", "Julio", "Judge"
Pokémon Species Oddish
Level 20
Status Released
Acquired 0d 18h 56m
Lost 1d 9h 10m
Attacks Mega Drain, Sleep Powder, Sweet Scent, Poison Powder
Gender Female

/’juj’ioook0 is a female Oddish caught by Arty Haze in the Omega Ruby Run. She had Chlorophyll as an ability and was caught at Od 18 h 56m. She was later released at 1d 9h 10m.


/’juj’ioook0 was caught at 0 days, 18 hours, and 56 minutes.

After the boxing of ! and Satanbird she acted as the carrying member of the team for a few hours despite not knowing attacking moves for a portion of the time. She was released 14 hours after she was captured.

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