To fill the time between generation playthroughs, the streamer runs various games over the stream.  These various games, ranging from classics to bad Pokemon hacks, have spawned off various memes and side-stories in the community.


List of side games during intermissions (in order of appearance):

Red-Crystal intermissionEdit

Crystal-Emerald intermissionEdit

Emerald-FireRed intermissionEdit

FireRed-Platinum intermissionEdit

This intermission played Nintendo DS games.

Platinum-HeartGold intermissionEdit

This intermission played NES games at a rate of 1 frame per imput while Pokémon Stadium 2 played with sound to the side.

HeartGold-Black IntermissionEdit

This intermission played Nintendo DS games.

Black-Black 2 IntermissionEdit

Black 2 - X Intermission Edit

Stadium 2-Omega Ruby IntermissionEdit

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