This page will serve as a hub available for easy viewing and comparison of the released Pokemon of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

If a Pokemon has multiple nicknames, and none is considered more prominent than the others, its species name will be listed.

The total time is a measure of how long the Pokemon spent as an active Pokemon--that is, the difference of the acquisition time and release time. Note that in the case of Abby, we cannot accurately determine the total time as there is no record as to when she was received from Professor Oak. This also prevents the calculation of one of the Safari Zone Venonats from Red; however, the catch time can be determined through footage and is simply not on record at the moment.


Index of Released Pokemon
Nickname Name Species Trainer Level Release Time Total Time
Jay Leno JLVWNNOOOO Rattata Red 13 4d 8h 52m 2d 21h 32m
Abby ABBBBBBK( Charmeleon Red 34 4d 8h 53m ???
The False Prophet FLAREON Flareon Red 25 5d 17h 25m 1d 15h 3m
C3KO CCC Hitmonlee Red 30 6d 22h 40m 0d 0h 37m

Zubat Red 16 6d 22h 45m 0d 6h 9m
A (Venonat) A Venonat Red 22 10d 9h 32m 1d 20h 6m
B-!) B-!) Venonat Red 22 10d 11h 52m 2d 0h 37m
AIA AIA Exeggcute Red 25 10d 12h 1m 2d 2h 14m
AAA AAA Paras Red 22 10d 12h 5m 2d 3h 42m

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