Hello, and thanks for your interest in contributing to TPPedia Wiki.  All of the content on this wiki has been created by users like you, so your contributions are highly valued.  While TPPedia is an open-edit wiki, we do have a few basic rules to make sure that the content contained within is informative and of high quality.  Please review the rules below before making your first contribution.

  • No linking to external sites outside of citing. If you feel a link to an external site should be included for reasons other than citing a source please contact an administrator.  *This does not apply to the "Ongoing Community Projects" page, which is designed to allow artists, writers, game designers, etc. to promote their projects.
  • On most pages there is a category for lore.  However, because TPP lore is the product of thousands of fans, there is no true universally accepted canon.  This means that we strive to give mention to all of the major interpretations of lore surrounding any character or event.  Please keep this in mind when you are adding anything to the lore sections, and try to use phrasing such as "Some people see it as", "Much of the community believes", "Many players thought", "There are a few who", etc.  NOTE: This does not apply to the 'Religions' pages, which are designed to give each religion's particular viewpoint.
  • In a similar vein, do not post non-universal lore in the mainspace of an article. Only in very rare cases where an idea is accepted nearly unanimously by the community should it go into the first paragraph of an article.
  • Please remember to use the "Edit Summary" feature on the right hand side of the page when making your edits.  Please include a general description of the edit you made and the reason for making it.
  • When creating a page, check other pages that are similiar to it (i.e. Character Bios, Major Events, etc.) to get an understanding about formatting for that type of page.
  • The TPP Status Google Doc linked to at the home page is a valuable resource for finding the time of events, the status of Pokemon, etc.  You can also follow the links on the document to the archived documents for Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3.  Please use these as sources when looking for specific details on times, Pokemon levels, etc.  They are accepted as 100% accurate in the TPP community.

Thanks once again for contributing, we can't wait to see what you have to add.

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