The Gym Leaders are specialist trainers who have been entrusted by the Pokémon League to distribute badges to strong and worthy trainers. As with previous randomized runs, the Gym Leaders took on new types, but from a story wise perspective kept their original teams.


Ingrid by MegamanOmega

Ingrid sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The rock-type leader of Rustboro Gym became a Bug-type gym leader, using Butterfree and Volcarona.


Metan by MegamanOmega

Metan sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The Fighting-type gym leader of Dewford Gym became a Steel-type gym leader, using Forretress and Klang.


Rocky by MegamanOmega

Rocky sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The Electric-type gym leader of Mauville City became a Ground-type gym leader, using Marowak, Gabite and Rhyperior.


Hydi by MegamanOmega

Hydi sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The Fire-type gym leader of Lavaridge Town became a Dragon-type gym leader, using Fraxure, Dragonair and Hydreigon.

Norman Edit

Granger by MegamanOmega

Granger sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The Normal-type Gym Leader of Petalburg Town and Nina Q's father became a Rock-Type gym leader, using Rhydon, Carracosta and Aurorus.


Leah by MegamanOmega

Leah sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The Flying-type Gym Leader of Fortree City became a Grass-type gym leader, using Exeggcute, Sawsbuck, Ferrothorn and Serperior.

Tate and Liza Edit

Chad and Lucy by MegamanOmega

Chad and Lucy sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The twin Psychic-type Gym Leaders of Mossdeep City became Fighting-type gym leaders with a double team of Gallade and Lucario.

Wallace Edit

Winfield by MegamanOmega

Winfield sprite designed by MegamanOmega

The Water-type Gym Leader of Sootopolis City became a Flying-type gym leader, using Talonflame, Skarmory, Lugia, Chatot and Pidgeot.

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