Nickname(s) Guildmaster, Yoomtah, Chanseytuff
Pokémon Species Wigglytuff
Level 100
Status Active
Acquired 2d 14h 19m
Attacks Ice Beam, Strength, Dazzling Gleam, Rock Smash
Item Metal Coat
Gender Female

Chansey is a Wigglytuff caught by Nina Q. Her ability is Skill Link and she has an Impish Nature. She reached Level 100 during the 43rd attempt against the Elite Four and is considered Nina Q's Clutch Pokemon.


She is depicted as being a mix between a Chansey and a Wigglytuff, bearing physical resemblance to both species in artwork.

Name Edit

  • She was originally called Chanseyfdff, her species nickname with a few random letters after it, but after a visit to the Name Rater on Day 5 she was renamed to simply Chansey.
  • Both Guild Master and Yoomtah are related to the Wigglytuff also referred to as Guild Master in the games Pokémon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Time and Space and the special version PMD:Explorers of Sky. Yoomtah is his attack cry and the onomatopoeia for his Hyper Voice attack in the aforementioned games.
  • Chanseytuff is a portmanteau of Chansey and Wigglytuff, combining her nickname and species name.


  • She was originally a Chansey with the ability Flash Fire.
  • She was the first of Nina's Pokémon to reach level 100.

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