The timeline of events for Twitch Plays Randomized HeartGold. The run began at 4AM GMT on May 24th, 2014.

Day 1 - Bark at the MoonEdit

  • [-23h 24m 00s]: HeartGold is now up on the stream
  • [-00h 30m 00s]: Stream blackout
  • [-00h 27m 26s]: Stream back up
  • [00h 00m 00s]: Game starts with around 4,000 viewers
  • [00h 01m 18s]: Named player character Lyra: aoooo
  • [00h 06m 57s]: Chose TRAPINCH as starter Pokémon
  • [00h 20m 08s]: Pokégear obtained from Mom
  • [00h 26m 00s]: First wild Pokémon encounter, with level 4 Whismur
  • [00h 33m 00s]: Entered Cherrygrove City
  • [00h 34m 00s]: Obtained Running Shoes from Old Man
  • [00h 40m 00s]: Healed at Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center. First heal of the run.
  • [00h 51m 00s]: Trapinch defeated by Seedot with Wood Hammer (1st blackout)
  • [01h 00m 00s]: Trapinch learned Natural Gift, obtained Dubious Disk
  • [01h 05m 00s]: Obtained Pokédex from Professor Oak
  • [01h 21m 00s]: Defeated rival: ???
  • [01h 32m 00s]: Named rival character: 4
  • [02h 08m 00s]: First capture, Aoooo catches a Jigglypuff, named: 63AAIAACC!
  • [03h 22m 00s]: Encountered Youngster Joey
  • [03h 23m 00s]: Defeated Youngster Joey and obtained Joey's phone number
  • [05h 09m 00s]: Aoooo catches a Diglett, named: ☺ ☀ ((GG6W
  • [05h 32m 00s]: Stream down
  • [05h 35m 00s]: Stream back up
  • [05h 46m 00s]: Entered Violet City
  • [06h 04m 00s]: Entered Sprout Tower
  • [07h 39m 00s]: Obtained Sacred Ash
  • [08h 41m 00s]: Entered Ruins of Alph
  • [09h 48m 00s]: Exited Ruins of Alph
  • [09h 56m 00s]: Entered Sprout Tower
  • [12h 34m 00s]: Obtained Root Fossil
  • [12h 52m 00s]: Beat the Elder, got "Flash." It's actually Trump Card.
  • [13h 22m 02s]: Cleared Sprout Tower
  • [13h 32m 50s]: Enter Falkner's Gym for the first time. Werewolf struggles to get on the platform elevator.
  • [13h 51m 00s]: Falkner challenged for the first time, ROM is confirmed to not use type-themed gyms. Falkner used Poison and Water type Pokémon.
  • [13h 53m 00s]: Falkner's Nidoran♀ and Shellos destroys our Ground-based party. Blackout.
  • [14h 21m 35s]: Falkner challenged
  • [14h 23m 46s]: Falkner defeated after two attempts.
  • [14h 24m 05s]: Obtained Zephyr Badge. Badges: 1/8.
  • [14h 49m 20s]: Obtained the Egg. Interface spoils it as a Soochum with Ice Punch and Extrasensory.
  • [16h 19m 23s]: Caught a Skitty, no nickname.
  • [18h 51m 00s]: Smoochum hatches, no nickname given.
  • [19h 46m 00s]: Exit Union Cave and immediately find a Bidoof.
  • [19h 56m 41s]: Registered a Hiker in the PokeGear. Also JIgglypuff learned Hidden Power.
  • [20h 00m 00s]: We arrive at Azalea Town.
  • [20h 51m 46s]: Checkpointed at the Azalea Pokemon Center. Next stop, Slowpoke Well.
  • [21h 06m 22s]: Slowpoke Well entered.
  • [21h 42m 00s]: White out to Proton. Back to Azalea Town.
  • [22h 11m 00s]: VS 4!
  • [22h 14m 24s]: 4 hands us our butt in that match.

Episode 2 - Houndooms and Oddish and Weedle, oh my.Edit

Major Events: The Groudon War

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine in Azalea Town,after saving it from Team Rocket. With a powerful Rival fight to the west and a dangerous Gym in town, it's grinding time. Party: Diglett , Smoochum , Skitty , Isaac , Trapinch . Badges: 1/8.
  • [00h 01m 00s]: Stream on pause.
  • [00h 04m 15s]: Stream back.
  • [00h 15m 26s]: Rival re-engaged. Duskull comes out first, the seed has been changed. Type Themes may be back for Gyms.
  • [06h 55m 00s]: Teach Skitty Cut! Over one of her two attacks. This reminds me of someone ...
  • [09h 17m 00s]: Exit Illex Forest. Don't ask when we beat Rival or Bugsy, the live updator doesn't say. Badges: 2/8.
  • [09h 19m 00s]: Issac forgets Dragonbreath for... Growl.
  • [09h 58m 00s]: Entered Goldenrod City
  • [10h 52m 00s]: Trapinch and Smoochum now have mail.
  • [12h 40m 00s]: Inputs are broken. Game goes long stretches without them, then attempts to read them all en masse. Rinse and repeat.
  • [12h 44m 00s]: Inputs fixed.
  • [14h 14m 00s]: After depositing Skitty in the PC, we get Kenya the "Spearow." It was a Groudon!
  • [15h 45m 00s]: Got the Radio Card after many attempts. Whitney's Gym now opened.
  • [15h 53m 00s]: Entered Whitney's Gym.
  • [16h 30m 00s]: Whitney engaged. Despite talk of her being dual-typed, her gym was indeed Steel-type.
  • [16h 31m 00s]: Whitney defeated in two hits from Kenya.
  • [16h 34m 27s]: Obtained the "Plain Badge." Badges: 3/8.
  • [17h 59m 00s]: Took a picture with the team. We can't see the finished product without a PC trip, sadly.
  • [18h 19m 00s]: Squirt Bottle obtained.
  • [19h 07m 00s]: We water Sudowoodo, it was a Starly. Groudon makes quick work of the puny bird.
  • [19h 32m 37s]: Enter route 37 following a lengthy battle over the fate of Groudon.
  • [21h 03m 00s]: We arive at Ecruteak City. Land of much to do.
  • [21h 26m 00s]: Croagunk is deposited. Chat seems split between seeing what "Eevee" is and getting balls to catch something new.
  • [22h 09m 52s]: We talk to Bill and he gives us... Gloom!

Episode 3 - The Great and Powerful Groudon of GoldenrodEdit

Major Events: The Groudon War

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine in the Goldenrod Department Store. As chat tries to get mail back into their Groudon. Party: Smoochum , Trapinch , Isaac , Diglett , Kenya , Gloom. Badges: 3/8.
  • [01h 54m 00s]: Entered a Pokeathlon with Jigglypuff, Gloom, and Trapinch.
  • [02h 03m 00s]: Needless to say, we came a distant last in that Pokeathlon.
  • [02h 46m 00s]: Life Orb is tossed.
  • [03h 32m 00s]: We caught a Seel, the Dewgong is at least partially real.
  • [04h 11m 00s]: Sold Root Fossil and Odd Keystone.
  • [04h 38m 00s]: Finish our mart adventure. Final haul: 1 Pokeball, 4 Revives, 3 Air Mail.
  • [05h 17m 00s]: Kenya learns surf. Yep, surfing Groudon.
  • [05h 42m 00s]: The tag team of Kenya and Trapinch take down 4 at the Burned Tower.
  • [05h 43m 00s]: We encounter the Legendary Doges. Suicune makes a Bronzor call, interpret that as you will.
  • [06h 02m 00s]: Welcome to Morty's Gym. The path is visible, but everything outside of the trainers vision radius isn't.
  • [11h 47m 17s]: We're still trying to beat Morty's Gym. We have no idea what his type is, as the first trainer sent out a Croagunk and two Fighting-Types, then the second trainer sent out Rock-types.
  • [16h 32m 45s]: Still trying to reach Morty. No progress has been made, we're actually just wandering acoud Ecuteak now.
  • [16h 50m 32s]: Obtained the HM for Strength! Progress, albeit not on Morty.
  • [17h 00m 20s]: Diglett learns strength over Dizzy Punch.
  • [17h 04m 45s]: We catch a Piplup at full health with one Pokeball. P11HH0<smile><smile>Y is the nickname.
  • [17h 26m 39s]: We catch a Vulpix, no nickname.
  • [18h 57m 00s]: Groudon deposited amidst a furious attempt to kill/deposit Gloom and withdraw... really just anything.
  • [19h 14m 00s]: Leave the Pokemon Center without Groudon. Seems chat wants to return after Morty?
  • [19h 41m 33s]: We're grinding on Route 38. Smoochum went down immediately, Jiggly went down fast, Trapinch nearly down. It's no wonder Kenya took all the experience.
  • [20h 00m 00s]: Our party currently consists of: Smoochum, Trapinch. The rest are now in the PC.
  • [20h 24m 30s]: We get Groudon and Diglett back in the party. Huge debate over trying to get Isaac out or waiting.
  • [21h 43m 53s]: Bonsly captured instead of a Piplup. Name: A.

Episode 4 - All Things Strange and WonderfulEdit

Major Events: The Groudon War

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We Rejoin our Heroine in Ecuteak City, still trying to beat Morty and not release anyone. Party: Bonsly , Trapinch , Diglett , Smoochum , Kenya . Badges: 3/8.
  • [00h 09m 00s]: Encounterd Raikou, fled. Legendary Dogs are not randomized. UPDATE: Suicune may be randomized, though we know the roaming ones aren't.
  • [00h 37m 00s]: Raikou again! It fled.
  • [04h 20m 00s]: Democracy returns to TwitchPlaysPokemon!
  • [04h 44m 00s]: Defeat a trainer in Democracy.
  • [09h 20m 00s]: First battle with Morty, he is Rock Type.
  • [09h 27m 00s]: Morty goes down first try! Badges: 4/8.
  • [12h 00m 00s]: Made it to Olivine. The party as it stands is full again, but also all weak to Grass-types.
  • [13h 47m 00s]: Lighthouse cleared. All aboard the S.S. Kenya for a trip to Cianwood!
  • [15h 35m 00s]: Encountered Entei! Tried to catch, but it fled.
  • [17h 02m 19s]: We haven't seen Democracy in over 4 hours. Also, we're currently stuck in a tug of war between people wanting to daycare Groudon and grind VS people wanting to continue the storyline.
  • [17h 55m 00s]: Welcome to the first great TPP HeartGold Daycare Shuffle! Kenya's in but we almost released Diglett at the nearby PC.
  • [21h 33m 05s]: Current state of affairs. We're grinding around Olivine after blacking out there with Kenya in the Daycare. Progress is slow to nothing.
  • [22h 33m 00s]: Finally some progress in the grinding! Somehow Bonsly completed its evolution mere moments before a B was input to stop it!
  • [23h 11m 17s]: Timer is broken, running an hour fast. We're back to Ecuteak City, trying to checkpoint at the center.

Episode 5 - Give Rex a RestEdit

  • [00h 00m 00s] We rejoin our Heroine in Mt. Mortar. With Kenya in the Daycare, the Chat is trying to grind their team. Party: A , Trapinch , 3G , Diglight , Polywhirl . Badges: 4/8.
  • [00h 53m 00s]: Polywhirl learns Surf over Bind. This means if it and Kenya are out of the Daycare at the same time, both can be released.
  • [01h 30m 00s]: We reach Mahogany Town, finally (early).
  • [02h 59m 00s]: We purchase pokeballs for the Lake of Rage.
  • [03h 09m 00s]: "Gyarados" engaged. It's a Shiny Xatu!
  • [03h 12m 00s]: After 4 Pokeballs, we CATCH the Shiny Xatu!
  • [04h 13m 00s]: Entered Rocket Base.
  • [07h 52m 00s]: We shut down the Rocket Radio signal and get the HM for Whirlpool. Man we're really trying to sequence break.
  • [08h 07m 00s]: Enter the Gym. The Mahogany Gym.
  • [09h 02m 00s]: Pryce engaged! He is Poison Type!
  • [09h 37m 00s]: Pryce Round 2.
  • [09h 36m 00s]: Pryce defeated! Badge 7? More like Badge 5/8.
  • [10h 53m 00s]: Back at Olivine. Seems we want to just keep going with the story now that we confirmed our underleveled team can wreck Johto.
  • [12h 09m 00s]: We land in Cianwood.
  • [12h 26m 00s]: We get the "Shuckle," and it's a Noctowl. Decent moveset, too.
  • [14h 08m 00s]: Challenged Chuck! He was randomized to.... his normal type.
  • [14h 30m 00s]: Rematch with Chuck!
  • [14h 34m 00s]: Chuck beaten! Trapinch does not evolve, uh oh.
  • [15h 17m 00s]: Taught Xatu fly!
  • [15h 29m 00s]: Flew to Cherrygrove, hooray! Onto Mr.Pokemon's house!
  • .[15h 44m 00s]: Got the EXP Share. Now trying to give it to someone.
  • [17h 26m 55s]: Amphy given the medicine, Jasmine's gym unlocked. EXP Share is on Xatu, that still needs to be fixed.
  • [19h 25m 00s]: Jasmine engaged. She is Dragon-type!
  • [19h 31m 44s]: White out to Jasmine and her Dragons.
  • [21h 43m 00s]: We arrive at the Safari Zone. There's a debate between spending our money there, or getting Kenya back early to kill Jasmine.
  • [22h 23m 00s]: Fly to Goldenrod, cue another furious tug of war over Kenya.

Episode 6 - The Dragon QueenEdit

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine in Cianwood, just after having whited out at the end of a furious battle to try and withdraw Kenya.The Compromise seems to be that Kenya will be retreived after the Rocket Radio Tower. Party: Larvitar , Sudowoodo , Xatu , Trapinch , Noctowl , Ekans . Badges: 6/8.
  • [05h 58m 00s]: We're battling in the Radio Tower. At some point in the last 4 hours Jasmine was beaten. There was nobody updating during that time.
  • [06h 39m 00s]: Reached the Fake Executive!
  • [07h 35m 00s]: Petrel defeated!
  • [08h 30m 00s]: 4 Engaged. He's using Ice Types this time!
  • [11h 52m 50s]: We're still trying to beat 4 and save the Executive. It's quite likely after we beat 4 we go get Kenya back, as we're dangerously low on money.
  • [12h 35m 00s]: 4 defeated by a Choice Scarf cut barrage!
  • [14h 57m 04s]: We're still trying to rescue the Executive. We beat the door puzzle, but we're low on health.
  • [15h 47m 00s]: Rescured the Executive. Back to the Tower!
  • [17h 53m ??s]:Kenya is released.
  • [18h 54m 00s]: Archer down, Team Rocket destroyed and Radio Tower Freed.
  • [20h 25m 00s]: Daycare shuffle finally complete. The Treaty of Cianwood is fulfilled.
  • [21h 45m 00s]: On our way to the Ice Path, we just reached Mahogany. Time to checkpoint without using the PC...
  • [21h 56m 00s]: Good news: We checkpointed safe. Bad news: We're lost in Pryce's gym again.

Episode 7 - Bye Bye Kenya-freeEdit

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine in the Ice Path, trying to make it to the final Johto Gym. Party: Larvitar , Sudowoodo , Xatu , Trapinch ,Ekans . Badges: 7/8.
  • [11h 27m 00s]: End of the Ice Path reached! Yeah, the last 11 hours were mostly just skating and singing Let it Go.
  • [12h 00m 00s]: Garbage Friday! We've tossed the EXP Share, the Armor Fossil, some other items, and spent at least 2 TMs overwriting good moves.
  • [14h 27m 00s]: Clair Engaged! Dark type.
  • [14h 34m 00s]: White out to Clair.
  • [16h 27m 00s]: Who says we need Kenya. Sudowoodo takes over for a fainted Kenya and wipes out Claire. Badges: 8/8. Elite 4 is now opened!
  • [17h 53m 00s]: Kenya... has been released.
  • [19h 40m 00s]: Okay, NOW we got the Rising Badge. Stupid Claire being all mobile and stuff...
  • [20h 54m 00s]: Now we get Claire's TM. Finally done with her.
  • [21h 18m 00s]: Obtained Sandslash the Dratini. It knows Crabhammer.
  • [23h 21m 00s]: Master Ball obtained.

Episode 8 - The Legendary Bird of the HeartEdit

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine on her way to meet Ho-oh. It's required before we can head for Kanto. Party: Sandslash , Xatu , Sudowoodo , Ekans , Trapinch . Badges: 8/8.
  • [05h 52m 00s]: Ho-oh, or should I say Phione, is summoned. We run in disappointment.
  • [06h 52m 00s]: Used the Master Ball on a Cranidos, not bad attack stat...
  • [09h 11m 00s]: Caught a Seedot with, get this, JUDGEMENT!
  • [20h 52m 44s]: As it stands we're still trying to grind in and around Victory Road. Vibrava (Trapinch evolved), Sudo, and Xatu are in their 40s. Ekans and Sandslash in the 20s. Skull in his teens.

Episode 9 - "Grinding"Edit

  • [01h 32m 00s]: Went shopping, purchased some mail and heal balls.
  • [12h 08m 00s]: Daycare entered.
  • [12h 34m 00s]: Traded Skull for Shuckie. Shuckie is now level 44.
  • [14h 46m 00s]: Still debating between grinding what we have or PCing half the team and catching new Pokemon.
  • [15h 10m 00s]: Surgical PC deposit leaves our party as: Sudowoodo , Xatu , Vibrava , Noctowl .
  • [18h 54m 00s]: We beat 4 and head to checkpoint at the... Elite 4... PC....
  • [19h 10m 00s]: We challenge Will, confirmed for Ground-type.
  • [19h 17m 00s]: White out to Will. Instead we buy a ton of Ultra Balls and head for Victory Road.
  • [19h 32m 00s]: Caught a Banette!
  • [19h 43m 00s]: Caught a Ariados!
  • [19h 55m 00s]: Back to fight Will.
  • [20h 08m 14s]: White out to Will, again.
  • [20h 53m 04s]: First victory over Will, onto Koga!
  • [20h 55m 00s]: Koga engaged. Is either Psychic-type.
  • [20h 58m 00s]: White out to Koga.
  • [21h 19m 00s]: Banette released. We barely knew it.... Also, Shuckie is now in the PC.

Episode 10 - The Elite 4Edit

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine in Victory Road, grinding her team to finally overcome the defensive wall of Will and Koga. Party: Sudowoodo , Xatu , Vibrava , Ariados , Hippopotas , Flaafy . Badges: 8/8. Elite 4: 1/5.
  • [20h 27m 26s]: We've spent most of the day either failing against the Elite 4 or Grinding. We also deposited our non-mail Pokemon and now have a Lileep and Bastiodon joining Sudo, Xatu, and Vibrava. Some people want to get "Lord Skull" out of the Daycare to complete an all-fossil team, others just want to catch something.

Episode 11 - Not the PC!Edit

  • [11h 31m 23s]: We're back at the PC, Our 4-man party all has mail so we seem to be trying to shuffle suitable Pokemon out to fill the last two slots.
  • [11h 44m 00s]: We finish using the PC. Welcome back to the party, Ariados.
  • [12h 57m 00s]: We get Cranidos back. Level 35. Knows Head Smash, Double Hit, Rock Polish, and Magnitude.
  • [13h 37m 00s]: We enter the Bug Catching Contest and win it with... a Weedle. Nicknamed E.

Episode 12 - Standing in the Hall of FameEdit

  • [03h 58m 00s]: First victory over Koga! Bruno confirmed for Flying-type!
  • [04h 02m 00s]: First win over Bruno! Karen confirmed for Rock-type!
  • [08h 16m 00s]: Karen finally down! Lance hype! Confirmed for Electric!
  • [09h 09m 00s]: Lance goes down! Aoooo is champion of Johto! We're going to Kanto!
  • [09h 22m 00s]: We obtain the SS Ticket.
  • [13h 18m 00s]: Boarded the SS Anne.
  • [15h 09m 00s]: Arrived in Kanto
  • [16h 09m 00s]: Engaged the Bug-type Surge!
  • [17h 56m 00s]: We caught a new Omastar, now that's impressive!

Episode 13 - The Kanto MarathonEdit

  • [02h 03m 00s]: Surge goes down at last! We can finally expand that badge counter to 9/16.
  • [04h 40m 00s]: The still Normal-Type Sabrina is defeated! Badges: 10/16.
  • [07h 33m 00s]: Erika down after two attempts, was Electric-type! Badges: 11/16.
  • [09h 19m 00s]: Grass-type Janine down! Badges: 12/16.
  • [15h 30m 00s]: Obtained the Machine Part. We're halfway to Beating Misty.
  • [17h 54m 00s]: Fire-type Misty goes down. Everyone say farewell, as to beat her again would require us to wait until next Wednesday. Badges: 13/16.
  • [18h 38m 00s]: We fight Suicune, was a Bronzor as expected (we heard it's cry earlier in the run). We catch it!
  • [19h 58m 00s]: We obtain the Train Pass! We must ride it!
  • [21h 09m 00s]: Snorlax was an Ekans! Caught!
  • [23h 01m 00s]: Brock goes down, was an Ice-type! Badges: 14/16. Yes, 6 in one day.

Episode 14 - Of Gods and LegendsEdit

  • [04h 41m 00s]: Psychic-type Blaine goes down! Badges: 15/16. Mr. Blue's Wild Ride time!
  • [06h 39m 00s]: Mr. Blue's Wild Ride begins.
  • [11h 18m 00s]: The Phione (Ho-Oh) rematch begins!
  • [11h 29m 00s]: We finally catch the Phione!
  • [12h 22m 00s]: Aoooo & 4 VS Lance & Clair. It's currently Lord Helix & Registeel VS Raiku & Darkrai!?!?!?!
  • [12h 25m 00s]: We black out as expected. This is probably a good example of what we'll be facing at Mt.Silver.
  • [13h 53m 00s]: Lance and Clair finally go down. And we are treated to some news. 4's un-randomized starter was Bayleef, meaning Trumpinch was a Totodile.
  • [23h 22m 00s]: We register Sabrina's phone number, the shipping begins.

Episode 15 - Triumph and DefeatEdit

  • [01h 18m 00s]: Lugia was.... a Sandshrew! We kill it for not being legendary.
  • [03h 52m 00s]: Registered Chuck's number.
  • [05h 14m 00s]: We take the Magnet Train! Finally we can leave Kanto in peace.
  • [08h 23m 00s]: We finally take down Blue and his Legendary Birds. Badges: 16/16. Time to face Mt. Silver.
  • [14h 28m 00s]: "Mewtwo" was a Beautifly, who knew?
  • [15h 28m 00s]: Encountered "Zapdos" the Gliscor, it escapes.
  • [18h 41m 00s]: Got Erika's phone number. Are we assembling an army here?
  • [19h 17m 00s]: We get Misty's phone number!
  • [20h 29m 00s]: A timer appears, 7 days (and change) remain.... Black Confirmed!

Episode 16 - The Beginning of the EndEdit

  • [00h 54m 00s]: Since we haven't updated on these things recently...

Party: Omastar , Sudowoodo , Bastidon , Vibrava , Cranidos , Xatu .

Badges: 16/16.

Elite 4: 5/5.

Time Left: 7 days.

  • [06h 33m 00s]: We are back at the Elite 4 for Round 2, and we've just taken down Will.
  • [12h 15m 00s]: Koga down!
  • [14h 46m 00s]: Bruno down!
  • [18h 56m 00s]: Karen down!
  • [20h 00m 00s] (approx.): We have a money total of $101400

Episode 17 - Rechampions!Edit

  • [11h 56m 00s]: Lance goes down, Round 2 defeated, we are still Champions!
  • [12h 47m 00s]: We go defeat Joey again and get an HP Up. Guys.... we need to beat Alice?
  • [14h 43m 00s]: Sabrina Round 2 goes down! We're inching ever closer to Mt. Silver.
  • [17h 32m 00s]: We reach Moltres. It was a Chickorita, and we fled.
  • [19h 49m 00s]: It begins. Aoooo VS Alice.
  • [19h 56m 00s]: First run, we beat Marc.
  • [19h 58m 00s]: That's as far as we go, as Hyperbug out-flys Vibrava for the black out.

Episode 18 - Mt. SilverEdit

  • [00h 00m 00s]: We rejoin our Heroine on Mt. Silver, still working toward that final run against Alice. Party: Vibrava , Omastar , Cranidos , Xatu , Bastiodon , Sudowoodo . Time Left: 5 days.
  • [00h 49m 35s]: Alice #2! We get Marc down, then white out to Shellock.
  • [16h 17m 00s]: While grinding the Elite 4, Helix reaches level 100!
  • [23h 50m 00s]: After faiing to re-beat the Elite 4 all day, we return to Mt. Silver with a level 100, 99, 86, 85, 79, and 58 in tow.

Episode 19 - Aoi VS AliceEdit

  • [01h 06m 00s]: Xatu hits level 100!
  • [03h 05m 00s]: Cranidos evolves into Rampardos!
  • [11h 45m 00s]: We beat Misty for the fifth and likely final time.
  • [20h 19m 00s]: Battle #6 against Alice.
  • [20h 33m 00s]: Sudowoodo, first to evolve, is the one to take down Hyperbug and end the game! Heart Gold is won!

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