Gen 6 (Pokemon X) began on Sunday, July 27 at Midnight EST. The protagonist is a blonde boy named D. An unnamed Chespin was chosen as the starter.


[note the Gen 6 playthrough is still ongoing and thus this info may be subject to change before the playthrough is completed]

D (the protagonist), often called "Little D" by his friends is often depicted as a shy ego-maniac,

Some also believe that unlike the voice's previous host's the voices possessing him have gained the ability to temporarily manifest in human forms to trade pokemon with D from other universes and that this is messing up the ["allows the host to not sleep" thing], combined with the ton's of Awakening he's purchased causing D to try to breeze thew his journey as fast as he can so he can be rid of the voices before he drops dead.

An alternative lore has appeared as well.  Following D's nickname by his friends, Li'l D, comparisons to the constellation the Little Dipper have been made. This has caused the idea of a calm, gentle star and galaxy lore idea. People going along this lore usually call him Li'l Dipper or just Dipper. The lore is known as Galaxy Lore. Currently developed lore for it pictures a fancy pattern Vivillon named Queen Moon by the lore being a queen, and two bug-type Pokemon, Starworm (now known as Beesus) the Weedle and Scatterstar the Scatterbug as her children. Ll' Dipper, being a servant to Queen Moon, promises to recover more Weedle and Scatterbug for the delighted of the two children. Dipper was also tasked with obtaining two important objects for her. When Dipper presented them to the queen, she revealed it to be a shiny Beldum and Honedge. However, Scatterstar was traded to Joseph for Lady Helix, enraging the queen. She declared war on Lady Helix and all who supported her. To conduct her servants in war, she took shelter at the Day Care.

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