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Gen 4 uses a Nintendo DS emulator and thus has a second screen with touch-input capability which can be utilized by entering two-dimensional (x,y) coordinates in chat, with the range being from 1,1-256,192 with 1,1 being the top left pixel of the touch screen. The input command usernames while unchanged except for the fact that it now displays Platinum newcomers to TPP in Gray.

The party info display is now expanded not only showing the Pokemon's species, level, and health, but also the Pokémon's moves and primary stat conditions (except PokeRus). The Game time display has also been combined into this and now also displays badges, $ the protagonist has, as well as some simplified Pokédex info

While it doesn't directly change the actual game-mechanics, it is worth mentioning that TPP Gen 4 will retain the Pokemon Stadium 2 auto-play with betting system, at least in the beginning, with the streamer stating that its continuation "depends on its effect on the run and the community."

Democracy as per the usual since Gen 3 remained disabled at the beginning of the run, however unlike all previous playthrough remained disabled throughout the entire playthrough.

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