Gen 3 (Randomized Alpha Sapphire) is the third generation of Season Two of Twitch Plays Pokémon. It was a randomized version of the sixth generation game Pokémon Alpha Sapphire that began on July 12 2015 at 9 PM UTC and ended on July 27 2015, 15 days later.

Unlike the previous randomized runs, the starter Pokémon aren't randomized nor are scripted battles but evolutions are, with all Pokémon capable of evolution evolving into a random Pokémon of the same type (e.g. Lotad (Water/Grass) into Squirtle (Water) into Kingler (Water)). Move learnsets are also randomized with a new move learned every 3 levels, but TMs and HMs are unaffected. Trainer classes barring special trainers (rivals, Archie, gym leaders, Elite 4, Champion) are also subject to randomization, including into special classes, such as a Hiker being randomized into a Beauty or a Bug Maniac into a Lorekeeper. In the event that a trainer is randomized into a trainer class with unique animations or music, the effects will play. A rather humorous side effect of this is Team Aqua Grunts randomizing into Team Magma Grunts, while ordinary trainers become Team Aqua Grunts instead. Randomization takes into consideration both XY and ORAS, resulting in trainer classes unique to XY such as Suspicious Lady appearing. Their teams will also be randomized. Randomization in gyms was limited to a specific type, such as Rustboro Gym members using Bug-type Pokémon. This was extended to specialist trainers such as rivals.

The game was run nearly entirely in Anarchy Mode with the exception of the puzzles in Sootopolis Gym, due to the puzzles requiring precise movements that would be near impossible in Anarchy mode.

The female protagonist was chosen and named Nina Q, who chose R-Ceus the Torchic as her starter.

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