With Generation II of Twitch Plays Pokemon there were changes made to the mechanics of Anarchy and Democracy. Where as you in generation one would vote for whichever mode you wanted to play allowing for a constant battle between Anarchy and Democracy, see generation 1 gameplay mechanics. The new mechanic meant that on the stream was started in Anarchy but at the top of every hour would enter Democracy. Anarchy and democracy would themselves work in the same way as in the previous version. To reinstate anarchy a majority vote for the past 30 seconds of Democracy would have had to been Anarchy. Once back into anarchy you would have to wait another hour before entering democracy.


Many saw this as a welcome change to prevent what was being considered a reliance on Democracy to do even the simplest of things only much slower. The change itself didn't affect the play in Gen 2, and anytime that players felt like they really needed a more precise hand (such as the Elite Floor in Ecruteak City Gym) they would wait for Democracy to become active and try to vote in a way that they accomplished as much as possible as quickly as possible by queueing up commands. This allowed the game to be played in its raw and chaotic style for the majority but in such a way that there was no longer in-fighting over whether Democracy or Anarchy should be used at any specific time.

Other modesEdit

The streamer also experimented with the mechanics and for a while created a mode that was somewhere in between anarchy and democracy. In this mode it would register all inputs for the past 30 seconds, later tweaked to 10 seconds, put all of them in a basket and draw one of them on random and use that input. More votes on for example "A" would mean there was a higher chance that "A" would be the selected command as there would be more "A's" in the basket. This mechanics were later reverted to the original mode of generation two.