Started on February 12, 2015, this was the anniversary run of Pokémon Red, and the start of Season 2 of TPP. The protagonist was AIIIAAB, otherwise known as Abe.

His team consisted of:


This run took 39 days 19 hours to complete, significantly longer than any other game and beaten only by Vietnamese Crystal. It also had many changes, including:

  • All 151 Pokémon spawning
  • "Dream Red" in your bed at home, after the elite four and champion.
  • Stronger Pokémon levels, both wild and trained.
  • The final battle was against Professor Oak after beating the elite four and champion.
  • The inclusion of the Battle Tent
  • Endgame only occurring after collecting all 151 Pokémon and defeating all Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, the Champion and Professor Oak.

Originally, the run was meant to end upon viewing the diploma for completing the Pokédex, but was extended after a suggestion of adding in Professor Oak as a boss was made.

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