Nickname(s) "G-man", "Geronimo"
Pokémon Species Wurmple
Level 6
Status Active
Acquired 1d 10h 49m
Attacks Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting

Gmnnn, also known as G-man or Geronimo, is a Wurmple, and the ninth Pokemon caught by A.

He has an Impish nature, and Shield Dust as an ability.




Gmnnn spend nearly the entirety of the run inside the PC. He was taken out on Day Ten, but promptly returned shortly after. This, along with his Impish nature, led to several theories of him being an evil mastermind, either working for Bill, or having his own agenda.

One comic strip depicts Gmnnn working for a third party that helped A send the voices into Bill's randomized past.


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