Fox is a Jolteon given to Evan by Bill in Goldenrod City.


Fox was received shortly after a PC shuffle had permanently boxed TBA the Ampharos and Sergeant Doom the Vaporeon, two highly valued team members. Fox was distrusted by the Voices and often used as fodder in battles, but he soon proved himself capable of clutching battles. He evolved into a Jolteon while in Anarchy Mode and earned himself a place on the team permanently, where he continued to clutch and win fights. His most notable win was against Lance, where he was able to defeat all three Dragonites by himself while avoiding their attacks.

Following the completion of the game, Fox was boxed and managed to avoid being culled in the mass releases that occurred, and alongside Sailor Moo were the only final team members to survive. He was deemed to be a babysitter, looking after the young in the PC.


Fox was named in Anarchy, much to the amusement of the chat. This led to many of his nicknames being based around foxes.

  • Force Operation X is a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series, where Force Operation X (FOX) are a squad of commandos.
  • Fox McCloud, Fox McClutch and Star Fox U are all references to the Star Fox series and its central protagonist, Fox McCloud.
  • Fox News is a reference to the American news network Fox.
  • Prophet of Amber serves as a callback to the False Prophet, establishing Fox as an Amberist counterpart to the Domist False Prophet.


Fox is typically depicted as wearing a small headset similar to that worn by Fox McCloud. He also has a badge nearly identical to that of Force Operation X's, with the fox replaced by a Jolteon.

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