Nickname(s) Fifi
Pokémon Species Ninetales
Level 78
Status Active
Attacks Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Tri Attack, Dark Pulse
Item Pokeball
Gender Female

Fifi is a Ninetales caught by Cyan during Run 19 (Pokemon Prism).

She became a source of controversy when the chat were trying to decide how to obtain a Pokémon that could learn Cut, with there being a major push to place her in the PC. The first attempt failed due to Anarchy kicking in before she could be deposited.

She evolved at 4d 20h 9m into Ninetales when a Fire Stone was used on her in Democracy.

At 2d 23h 44m a glitch occurred where Flaaffy was replaced by a hybrid clone of Fifi and Y4, causing people to believe her to be a member of the Dome religion.

She proved invaluable during the Elite Four challenge, often singlehandedly sweeping Yuki's Ice-type team and dealing significant damage to Sora's Flying-type team.

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