Nickname(s) Fear, Feareon
Pokémon Species Glaceon
Level 83
Status Active
Acquired 4d 21h 30m
Attacks Dazzling Gleam, Strength, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam
Item Venusaurite
Gender Female

Glaceonhfeer, more commonly known as Fear or Feareon, is a female Glaceon caught by Nina Q. Her ability is Tough Claws and she has a Relaxed Nature.

History Edit

After depositing Lamp at the Mossdeep City Pokemon Center and planning to grind after the first defeat against Tate and Liza, the Hivemind planned to grind at Shoal Cave. While surfing, they encountered a Glaceon and planned to use it to replace Lamp.

She was later deposited


She is depicted as attempting to be an intimidating Pokémon with limited success.

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