FGQ UVL is a female protagonist trainer chosen by the stream after the completion of Pokémon Black.  As Black ended, and the credits finished, the stream accidently chose New Game over Continue, leading to a new save file.  After choosing the female trainer this time around, the stream named her FGQ UVL.  After a short period of time, the Streamer took down the stream, and ended the new game playthrough of Black, thus bringing an end to FGQ UVL.

Though not created by a soft reset, she can be considered similar to xxx from Twitch Plays Pokemon Red.

TouhouGirlz's lore also depicts her as Reimu Hakurei, who crash-landed in Unova but was driven out by Cheren, Bianca, and GMYC. She comes back in the fanfic "FGQ UVL's Revenge", named Francine Gilda Ulysses, with a crush on N.

Red * Abe * AJ * Baba * A * Alice * Napoleon * Aoooo * Jimmy * CLY * D * Arty Haze * ABnp3a * Xxx * Slash * Camila * T * FGQ UVL

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